After my stay, I’m able to get around a lot easier

Rocky Johnson was experiencing weakness and decreased independence after being hospitalized for a kidney infection.


Johnson came to Life Care Center of Kennewick, Washington, for rehabilitation in April 2017. When he arrived, he needed extensive assistance with bed mobility, hygiene and getting dressed and moderate assistance with transferring from one surface to another.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Johnson to increase his strength and mobility, as well as retraining him to take care of his self-care needs. They used a sliding board to help him with his transfers from one surface to another, and he practiced transfers and standing ability in the parallel bars. Progressive resistance training helped him rebuild muscle, and neuro re-education helped his brain communicate motion better to his body.


“I had a very positive experience at Life Care Center of Kennewick!” Johnson said. “Every staff member was professional, courteous, compassionate and worked well as a team. I loved therapy – they did a very nice job. The room was great, and the nurses were very responsive – Johnny-on-the-spot when I pushed my call light. After my stay, I’m able to get around a lot easier.”


Johnson returned home with home health on May 5, needing only minimum assistance with bed mobility and transfers and moderate assistance with grooming and dressing.